6 Tips to Enhance your Email Marketing

Email MarketingUndeniably today, email marketing is enthroned as one of the best leads generation for any organization, if well thought, adequately planned and correctly implemented.

Email marketing creates an environment for businesses to nurture leads, for which most of the times, are in the buying ready state. Based on Pardot study, the nurtured leads, generally make 47 percent more sales than the non-nurtured leads, as explained by, the B2B marketing automation software by Salesforce.

With the vast majority of us being online these days, businesses can only thrive through
advertisement of their products and services online, allowing them to attract leads and eventually convert these attracted leads into paying clients.

To succeed, organizations need to design a strategy which will not only enable them to attract their target audience but also nurture them through a series of welcome emails. The autoresponder emails series creates a space for your potential clients to interact closely with you through learning, helpful offerings, beneficial information, and exposure to new and specific needs unfamiliar to them before the interaction. In other words, your emails should be client-centric and less about you. Following these six basic tips will ensure a well-played game.

  1.   Your Email Subject Line and its Design can be a great motivator in having your open and clickthrough rates skyrocket. Thanks to Google keyword planner and its likes, you have a knowledge base of the terms commonly employed by your target audience. Catching your audience attention with a striking subject will enhance their curiosity to open your email. Additionally, having the email personalized to your subscriber will increase your newsletter open rate. Should the email be in a text format instead of its HTML counterpart, as suggested by a line of thoughts led by HubSpot, you will have the subscriber follow through to your blog post.
  2.   Choice of a robust email marketing software: The game starts from the chosen platform for your email marketing campaign. Platform efficiency varies from one software to another; although many of them seek to provide the same outcome, however, their efficiency level deeply differs. A good email marketing platform will enable you to properly tag your subscribers at each stage of their journey in your sales funnel. An automated email marketing software should provide you with the ability to intelligently segment your clients into your provided categories.
    Having your platform provide a comprehensive analytics of your campaign activities will give you more insights into your subscribers’ interest and behavior. An easy integration to other major software taking care of your marketing and sales should be a must have for your email marketing platform.
  3.  Add a human touch to your follow up sequences. Your first email should aim at having the clients decline their identity, reveal their specific needs, and which in turn helps you profile them for the purpose of segmentation. In doing this, targeted solutions can be proposed to the subscriber’s needs. For instance, responses from the new subscribers in the industry of interest in your niche as a business coach will go a long way towards helping you provide a more adaptive content in your next email. From experience, a subscriber’s’ request for specific subjects of interest that are unplanned for in the autoresponder series. Subscribers’ requests for specific subjects of interest that are unplanned, could be directed to the sections on your websites where such requests have been addressed. In another view, the responsive subscribers could inspire your next blog publication or offering and you can create an expectation in their minds by directing them to your previous blog publications or offerings, which address their requests.
  4.  The email nurturing lead tone and content should not mainly be geared towards your product description, but the solution to a problem. The invisible marketing happens when you detach yourself from pitching your offer at any slight opportunity or, on any available platform, but rather, focus on the subscribers’ need. It is very important to detach yourself, and allow your genuineness outshine your interests, thereby placing you on a trusted level. In doing this, you will not only earn their trusts, but you will be well on your way towards establishing yourself as an authority. Truth be told, no one likes to be sold, however, we all have needs, and ultimately looking at ways of getting information to help deal with these needs. Depending on your offer, the email sequence series should be 70% all about the newly subscribed pain point. Conventionally, the first email is dedicated to the opt-in confirmation; your focus in the next three emails should be more about the known problems your target audience encounters the most. In discussing your audience’s issue, the loss or inconvenience incurred from addressing the issue validates your knowledge of the subject. Make the interaction informal with your audience, approach the newsletter for instance like a discussion with a friend. Use the audience’s common terms in dealing with a challenge. Shadowing Noah Kagan and his friend Neville Medhora will help you enhance your human’s voice in your autoresponder emails sequence
  5.   Planning your Schedule and Frequency: Choose a more convenient time in sending your emails. It is said that the average open rate for emails is 22.2%. However, the autoresponder open rate is higher because the subscriber level of interest is still optimum and there is a great probability that they will be expecting your email, in case value was provided in the earlier correspondence. Determining the frequency at which you plan to send an email should be based on the information you provide. For instance, if your emails are more of the educational type, having the subscriber go through the required learning stages or applications should call for more time before the next email. Some research study conducted by automated email marketing leaders have suggested that the best times to send an email newsletter are 10 a.m, 8 p.m – midnight, 2 p.m and 6 a.m. Source (CoSchedule). Having said this, our open and clickthrough rates during these times will vary. Monitoring your statistics via Google analytics or your automated email marketing software will give you an idea of your audience availability to read from you.
  6.   The Value Proposition commonly called freebie during opt-in: Not all shiny objects are gold. Several times, I came across some offerings, which were just too good for me to shy away from, however, upon signing up for the freebie, the promised value was not met. The trick does not only disappoint you but also allows you to classify the business as inefficient in their chosen field. Offering short of the promised value will lead many to unsubscribe, making subsequent autoresponder series reach a lesser audience or grossly unsuccessful. Offering the said value is the beginning of your relevance as a future business partner. Over deliver on what you are selling on the landing page to your leads. Upon opting in and getting far less value than expected or than promised, the new subscriber will think because of this, your offers most likely will also be short of any promised value. You are looking at making a good first impression through them. It could be a free book, a podcast or an educational training material, which does justice to a known issue or problem your subscriber might be interested in or facing.

In a Nutshell, the success rate of your autoresponder email sequence series depends on your ability to beam the focal light on your audience challenge and not on you or your business. Remember, as human beings, we are mostly driven by, “What is in it for me?”. Your offer is a solution to a pain point and presenting your solution to your target audience starts with addressing the issue they are experiencing. In doing so, you are adding value to them and not what your business has to make. As we all know, the more clients you provide solutions for, the better the cash in it for your business.

I am sure, this is just an iceberg of tips on good marketing auto responder sequence series, and I will like to know what tips you have used in increasing your audience engagement and list size.

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